What started as a web page at Homesteads with images and descriptions of the different planets in Star Wars eons ago resulted in SciFi-World, mutated into Alioth, then Skelworld and then finally Davincium. It is now set to remain as Davincium, my base of operations in my line of work.

What’s the point?

I’m currently a mobile application developer predominantly focused on Apple products, this includes iPods, iPhones and of course the iPad. I have extensive experience in developing apps for this platform, plus plenty of exposure and experience in other C-flavoured platforms like WP7, Samsung bada and Symbian S60. Most of my work has included close integration between a mobile app and a cloud or server based service, therefore it has led me to also develop in the fields of ASP.NET (C#), python, PHP and ruby on rails, this includes of course exposure to databases and SQL. Currently based in Shanghai, China, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free quote.

Contact me

For new contracts, feedback and inquiries please contact me on this email.