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Davincium is a development company specialised in Apps for Mobiles. We believe that features and a sensible user experience ought to be the focus of all Apps. We produce reusable and readable code, with an aim to reduce production time and maintenance issues.

Latest News

Blit for iOS Launched

You can now use Blit on your iPhone, so sending that tiny snippet of text from your clip-board on your Mac to your iPhone is a piece of cake!
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Blit Web Launched

You can now use Blit on all devices that have a web browser.
Blit Web →

Blit Launched

With Blit you can easily sync text between devices at the touch of a button.
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Jpegger Launched

Lets you drag and drop .png files and have them converted into .jpg automatically.
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Peace Compass Launched

Peace Compass lets you find zones of peace and tranquility in a city.
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FilmFinder Launched

FilmFinder lets you search for information about films without all the clutter.
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