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UFO: Unidentified Flying Objects

Belgian Triangle

Belgium during the 1989-1990 wave – This is one of the few pictures taken
in what’s now called the 1989-1990 wave. It’s a picture of an Unidentified
Flying Object (UFO) that apparently thousands of people saw. The UFO was
tracked on radar and even chased by jets. No plausible explanation has been
found, yet. Here’s a bigger picture

Belgian Triangle goes to Britain?

Somewhere on the British east coast, between 1989-1995 – Shows a triangular
shaped UFO chasing a car somewhere on the east coast of Britain. Flying
Triangles have been seen over Britain’s coasts for several years. Reports
indicate they are seen coming in from the North Sea and flying along the
coastline. These UFOs bear a slight resemblance to the ones seen in Belgium,
look at the lights on the bottom etc.

Yorkshire Trio

March 28th 1966 in Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England – Apparently this picture
was taken by Steven Phratt on his way home from a fish and chips shop. This
picture was later proved to be a fake, the guy had painted the UFOs on the
window, then taken the picture. It’s a great picture nonetheless…

The Norwegian fireball

Lardal, Norway March 2003 – Sometime in March people in Lardal reported
seeing a fire ball explode in the night sky and fall slowly down to
earth. Many believed it was a UFO, but after the investigators found
the charred remains of a cat at the foot of an electrical mast this
Unidentified Flying Object was identified. Apparently this cat had
climbed up the mast and touched a live wire, the cat had then exploded
and fallen down in an impressive firework type display.

Russian UFO sightings

Russia between 1940-1950, unknown location – A picture of a flying disc
that crashed in the in the former Soviet Union. Some say that this was
a fake, however if it really was taken in 1940 or 1950 one might question
their motives. Would the Russians plant a craft there? Maybe this really
was the crash site of a real alien vehicle.

Russia, 1967, unknown location – Another UFO crash in Russia, but this was in 1967.
No additional information found. Here’s another picture

Russia, 1980, unknown location – Mother ship seen in Russia in the 80s.
No additional info on that one.

Russia, unknown location and time – A picture of a UFO just above the treetops,
it sort of looks like a cloud, but according to the witnesses this was the only
cloud in the sky, and it never moved. Click the picture for a better view.

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