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SETI: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

The Drake Equation
N = R* × Fp × Ne × Fl × Fi × Fc × L
The Drake equation is an attempt to estimate the number of technologically advanced civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. Dr. Frank Drake (the current cheairman of the board of trustees of the SETI Institute) created this equation in 1961. N = The number of communicative civilizations that have detectable radio signals. R* = The rate of formation of suitable stars in our galaxy (per year). Fp = The percentage of those stars that have planets. Ne = The number of “Earths” per solar system. Fl = The percentage of those planets where life develops. Fi = The percentage of life sites where intelligence develops. Fc = The percentage of planets where technology develops. L = The length of time civilizations release detectable signals into space(Years). This Equation is just an attempt to find out how many intelligent civilizations there are in our galaxy. If you solve the equation for our galaxy the number of intelligent civilizations will be around 50,000 (fifty thousand)! Thank god they’re not nasty and want to kill us…. phew ;)

If you want more info on SETI and the Drake Equation + a lot more check these sites:
The SETI Institute

Here is a radio signal often used by SETI when sending signals into outer space:

If you want to help SETI out, look into Seti@Home, a program that uses your computer to analyse the petabytes of information gathered by all the different telescope arrays around the world. You can use it as a screensaver, thereby making your computer do something useful when not in use.

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