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Staff Biographies



20 years development experience, including 12 years in the financial industry as senior architect for Ariel Communications Ltd. Designed and delivered systems all around the world for clients such as ETX Capital, London Capital Group, CityIndex and MFGlobal.

Lead architect for Ariel’s “iTrade” system which powered several businesses, Neil was responsible for the smooth integration of upgrades whilst ensuring the company road-map was adhered to. An accomplished business analyst who has spent many years talking to businesses, formulating their requirements and ensuring that the deliverable always exceeded expectations.




A real-time communications software specialist who has been writing networked systems since 1984. Ryan has a solid background in computer security, financial systems, spread betting, binary options and digital currency software.

Having worked in and for various organisations, he is very adapt at project and man management whilst ensuring he remains hands-on and is always kept abreast of the latest technologies.




Alek is our mobile expert, he has extensive experience in Objective-C, C#, Java and Python.  Having written dozens of different applications for all of the available types of smartphones available, he has a true passion for the latest technologies, programming and problem solving.

Mobile is the future of technology, all businesses will need a mobile presence of some form in the next few years and Alek is second to none in ensuring that the solution provided is not only the best, but will still be best well into the future.