Out sourcing versus internal developers.


Internal departments are usually made up of a single senior architect / manager and several junior developers. Outsourcing gives you access to multiple architects along with a group of senior developers.

Your senior developers will spend more time coaching junior staff than doing what they are good at – developing. All our senior developers will be creating quality code for the client.

Recruitment, training and retention is very expensive. Outsourcing avoids this and other employment costs such as providing equipment, office space or even long term sickness. (A good reference for estimating costs is the True Cost Calculator).


Outsourcing within the UK versus offshore.


Offshore software houses produce notoriously bad quality code, the developers are usually very junior and controlled by a single manager who will be juggling several projects at the same time.

It is likely that the staff will change several times over the period of the project.

Reworking and fixes will eat away at the initial cost savings until it is comparative to UK businesses.


What makes us special?


All our staff are in the UK, onsite when necessary. Many UK consultancies will give the impression that the work is undertaken in the UK, however they will reduce costs by sub contracting offshore.

Other than regional accents, there will not be any language barriers.

We are cheaper than other UK software houses.

We have a large pool of experts who we can all on as required, scaling up when necessary rather than carrying large costs all the time.