The development process.


We develop projects using “Agile Methodologies”.

Agile allows us to deliver the projects in small increments, allowing the customer to monitor progress and quality, perform tests and change the requirements as the project is built.

We specialise in Microsoft technologies and native mobile platforms.


Periodic project updates that are visible to the customer.


The software developed can be hosted either on our own, the customers or cloud servers as required. Regardless the customer will be able to use and test the system as it develops.

If the software is used in production, we will provide staging areas to allow updates to be thoroughly tested before releasing into production.


Benefits of staged releases.


The customer can sign off each periodic release and stop the project at any point if circumstances change.

Taking delivery of a system that has been 12 months in the making is rarely successful and is unlikely to meet the clients expectations. Re-working a project after this time is expensive and time consuming, it is much better to adapt the project to changes at the time the functionality is being built.


We will support you for the whole journey.


We do not expect to stop supporting the system on the day its delivered, we will work with you to support the software for as long as the client needs.

We will communicate with the customer throughout the development process and actively welcome dialogue as much as possible.