Analysis and Design

Gathering the requirements.


Between us we have many years of experience talking to clients and turning their requirements into a design.

We know when to re-use existing functionality and third party tools and when not to, we will not re-invent the wheel just because its exciting for us, nor will we spend your money and time experimenting with new ideas.

We will research your particular industry if it is new to us and we will endeavour to ensure all potential pitfalls are dealt with in the design.

Creating the design.


Your system will be designed to not only meet your requirements, but to also form a foundation that you can build on for years to come.

Between us we have a wealth of experience designing systems, so rather than relying on a single individual for your design you will have access to a pool of experts who can ensure all options have been looked at.


Communicating with the customer.


Communication is important throughout the project but is crucial at the start. Being on-site or always available to the client is key to our success.